meet our team

meet the team

dan newton

chief executive officer

Our Group CEO & Director, Dan Newton is a proud family man with 3 children and husband to Erica.

Dan is a fitness industry veteran and training enthusiast / multisport athlete, competing in Ironman Triathlons and multiple endurance racing disciplines internationally.

After graduating with an Exercise Science Degree in 2003, Dan worked as a Personal Trainer operating a studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Dan later spent 10 years as a Senior Manager for large multinational health club brands, such as Gold’s Gym USA and Fitness First Health Clubs, and most recently, the former Chief Executive for the international 247 gym chain, Snap Fitness Australia.

Dan has spent his career at the heart of the fitness industry, leading global teams to open and operate successful health clubs. He has a passion for delivering fitness to the community and has found it his mission to bring new and exciting ways for people to exercise to market, which has led him to the children’s fitness sector.

Dan and the MFG founding Team see a unique opportunity to offer an unrivaled service to the young people of today. Dan sees MFG as an International brand that will provide communities with a destination for kids to fall in love with movement & fitness. A place that supports skill development and inspires kids to move their bodies through those important developmental years.

Dan also understands the demands on the busy families of today and hopes the MFG facilities can not just be an inspiration to the kids, but also be an inviting place for parents as they find their own time to unwind and relax.

mary parray

chief executive officer usa

Mary Parray is our group CEO for USA, Seattle born, she has a passion for fitness along with her 2 grown sons and fiancé Dana.

Mary’s career in the health and fitness industry began 30 years ago as a competitive bodybuilder in Vermont.  From that beginning, she has held personal training and group exercise certifications along with managing and operating multiple health clubs on the East Coast.

Additionally, Mary has held executive level positions on the vendor side of the industry, most recently as the VP of Sales for First Credit Services. As an industry veteran, Mary is passionate about helping people of all ages set and meet their fitness goals. “Inspiring kids to exercise in a fun environment is what attracted me to MFG. Helping the brand become part of communities across the U.S. is really a dream come true for me”.

Mary believes MFG represents a unique opportunity to deliver fitness to kids by offering an unrivalled service to the young people of today. Her focus is to provide communities with a destination for kids to fall in love with movement & fitness. She sees MFG as THE brand that supports skill development and inspires kids to move their bodies through those important developmental years.

paul spears

 owner & area developer usa

 Paul Spears is the Father of 3 children, husband to the love of his life of over 31 years, JoAnn, and Grandfather to 3 wonderful grandchildren.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Paul has been a well-established business owner and community contributors for over 30 years.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit has kept him busy, beginning with the construction of his first service station in 1993 and second one in 1995. His portfolio continued to expand as he owned, operated and built several service stations, a shopping center, homes and health clubs.

In 2005 he ventured into the fitness industry by purchasing a Gold’s Gym. By 2007 he owned and operated 8 Gold’s Gyms around the Seattle area with over 40,000 members and a great team of 425 serving those members.

Paul loves being involved in the fitness industry because he finds it rewarding to help so many people reach their fitness goals, live healthy lifestyles as well create a strong culture of community. He looks forward to applying this passion for fitness, and all that he’s learned in the industry, to My First Gym. His vision is for MFG to be a place where children and their families come together to learn about, love and be inspired to become more physically active.